Luan Memushi


Minister of Education and Science



Within the context of major changes happening in the Albanian society over the past decade, the reform of education system is regarded as a top priority. Policy makers at various levels of education system acknowledge the challenges facing society, which is committed to providing people with all necessary resources to acquire solid knowledge and the set of skills in order for them to function productively in the world. “The strategy for development of Education and Training System in Albania 2003-2013” foresees actions to be taken through national programmes and education-oriented projects designed to speed up integration process into Europe and at the international level by:

  • ensuring basic education for all-developing key competences;
  • ensuring quality in education-ensuring quality of learning and teaching activities as well as providing quality educational services;
  • establishing life-long learning as an important dimension of education policies;
  • boosting infrastructure and providing more material resources;
  • developing programmes that lead to European integration and international cooperation.
It takes more than just inserting “Education for all” as a concept in the objectives of the curriculum. The needs have to be identified by educational authorities, schools, pupils, parents and community.

The main issues tied up to the educational problems concern:

  • local poverty, especially in rural areas and combating drop-out phenomenon and child labour;
  • weak infrastructure in villages and schools;
  • lack of teaching and learning materials.
Education Reform- intended targets and solutions:
  • new curricula will be reviewed for all grades;
  • alternative textbooks will be adopted for all grades and teachers will be invited to make choices on textbooks that best fit their pupils’ needs. Books are provided free of charge at compulsory education;
  • coherent national curriculum is being reviewed, based on the educational philosophy that focuses on global approach and critical thinking;
  • teaching materials and examination procedures are being reviewed;
  • increase of the state budget on education is considered.