Organization of work

Detailed information on the organization of the Conference’s work is provided in document ED/BIE/CONFINTED 48/2. Other information concerning the events of each day will be displayed on the electronic announcement board located in the Entrance Hall. The work of the Conference will follow the Provisional agenda (ED/BIE/CONFINTED 48/1).


Plenary debates, workshops, and synthesis plenary meetings will take place in accordance with the provisional timetable.


The main document for the Conference (reference document on: “Inclusive Education: The Way of the Future”, ED/BIE/CONFINTED 48/3) should serve as a conceptual basis for the discussions in all sessions. Additional information documents have been prepared to provide different perspectives for discussions.


List of keynote speakers at the debates and workshops (PDF, 90 KB)

Final version (03/12/2008), multilingual