RelatED - Good Practice For Learning To Live Together

The broad concept of “learning to live together” includes education in a range of areas such as conflict resolution, human rights, citizenship and international and intercultural understanding.The databank is structured to provide data on key elements of such initiatives including their background, principal objectives and activities, and impact on the target population. The databank has international coverage and includes projects and programmes at local, national and inter-regional levels coordinated by both governmental and non-governmental institutions. Entries are recorded in English, French or Spanish.


The RelatED databank has been created through the merging of two former IBE information products, the INNODATA databank of educational innovations (1993) and the BRIDGE mini-web site of good practices in education launched for the forty-sixth session of the International Conference on Education (2001). The new databank combines key elements of both products to provide a service for the dissemination of concise information on promising initiatives in learning to live together, primarily in school settings.


RelatED is designed to be of use to educational practitioners, researchers and decision-makers through the provision of an information service to generate debate and build knowledge on how education may contribute to the development of peaceful, just and cohesive societies in the twenty-first century.