Repositioning Curriculum in Education Quality & Development-Relevance

As we are reaching the 2015 deadline for the Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goal (MDGs), leaders, governments, and education actors from the four corners of our planet are meeting for the World Education Forum (WEF) in Korea to build a new education agenda.


The IBE, as a contribution to UNESCO's lead, will have the privilege of organizing a side event on "Repositioning Curriculum in Education Quality & Development-Relevance".

IBE and Saudi Arabia sign cooperation agreement on quality and excellence of education


IBE Director and the Minister of Education of Saudi Arabia have signed a joint cooperation framework agreement to collaborate over the next four years to bring the quality and development-relevance of the Kingdom's education, training and learning system to a world class level.

Launch of the Regional Observatory on Inclusive Education for Latin America

The Regional Observatory on Inclusive Education for the Latin America and Caribbean region was officially launched on 28 April 2015 in Honduras. IBE is  co-partner in this pioneer initiative in the region, involving ministries of education, inter-governmental and civil society institutions as partners. The observatory is an outcome of the follow-up of the 48th session of the International Conference on Education.