IBE to participate at Oslo Summit on Education for Development

Leaders from all over the world will meet in Oslo to promote education in countries affected by conflict, crisis and poverty. The Oslo Summit on Education for Development is organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and around 400 key actors are expected to join the summit.


On behalf of IBE Director, Renato Opertti, IBE programme specialist, will participate in the Summit to rally and activate the IBE’s efforts to reposition and reconceptualize the curricula within the global development agenda.

Just published: Education for peace: planning for curriculum reform

This Resource and Development Capacity Package - developed by UNESCO, IBE and IIPE - will assist Member States in integrating or strengthening peace education programmes in their national education systems to promote peace and prevent future conflict.


The Package contains guidelines and training modules meant for curriculum developers and planners from Africa.

Unleashing the Potential: Transforming Technical and Vocational Education and Training

This book - by IBE Director P.T.M. Marope, B. Chakroun and K.P. Holmes from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training unit of UNESCO - takes stock of contextual demands and recent policy trends from around the world and identifies an expanding disconnect between the external demands of economic growth, social equity and the sustainability of development and the skills being supplied.