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  • Strategy aimed at making the International Bureau of Education a Centre of Excellence in Curriculum
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IBE premises

The International Bureau of Education (IBE) is a global centre in the area of curriculum development and a field-oriented institute supporting UNESCO action aimed at attaining quality Education for All.


The IBE is working towards enhancing the capacities for the design, management and implementation of curriculum development processes among specialists, practitioners and decision-makers; improving the quality of curriculum-making processes and products; and informing innovative policies and practices in the field of curriculum reform and change.


IBE capacity development activities concentrate on the strategic dimension of assistance and advice to, and training of, national teams responsible for curriculum innovation and reform processes. Networking activities focus on the support to a Community of Practice (COP) in Curriculum Development, a unique global network of curriculum specialists, practitioners, national officers and researchers.


IBE knowledge base consists of a wide range of specialized resources, including databases, reports, studies, working papers, publications, specialized collections and tools. This comprehensive set of resources can be exploited for a variety of purposes, including training and decision-making, and facilitate informed policy dialogue on specific educational and curriculum issues.