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Knowledge Management Services

The IBE support action in favour of quality Education for All (EFA) also by compiling, producing, and disseminating up-to-date information and analyses on education systems, existing curricula and curriculum development processes from around the world.


This knowledge base consists of a wide range of specialized resources, including databases, national reports, studies, working papers, training tools, publications as well as educational documentation services. These resources can be exploited for a variety of purposes, such as training and decision-making, and facilitate informed dialogue on several educational and curriculum development issues.


The IBE contributes to the identification of educational trends worldwide by commissioning and conducting studies and research on a variety of educational and curricular topics. It also encourages researchers and practitioners to drawn upon its cross-national compilations of curriculum information and resources, not only to facilitate broader dissemination but also to generate debates and discussions about important issues in the field curriculum.


The IBE website has become an essential tool for expanding access to specialized resources, products and services as well as for sharing knowledge and experience about educational content, curricula and curriculum development processes. The website is conceived as dynamic online collaborative platform for curriculum development, at the service of the worldwide network of researchers and practitioners and, more generally, the UNESCO knowledge portal.