Technical Assistance


In response to specific demands for curriculum reform or development from agencies, organizations and countries, the IBE has been engaged in several operational projects in different regions of the world. Special attention has been given to post-conflict and conflict-affected societies (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to innovative curriculum projects in the Gulf Region (time allocation and curriculum integration) and South America (Argentina, Campana project – Improving quality of education through curriculum provision and school management).


In the case of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the IBE has designed and carried out capacity building processes for high-level curriculum specialists and decision-makers, as well as technical support for institutional development of curriculum departments of the respective Ministries of Education. In co-operation with international organizations, such as UNICEF, the Bureau has helped to develop new curriculum frameworks in Kosovo and Afghanistan.


Conflict and Post Conflict Societies:


 Innovative Curriculum Projects:

  • Enriching curriculum and textbooks - Mauritius