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Curriculum for Sustainability, "The conceptualisation of competencies related to sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles"

The education system of Finland has been guided by the principles of equity and equality in education as going hand in hand with the view to promote every individual’s life-long learning. Following these principles, it has strengthened the sustainability of the education system itself.

The eighth issue of the IBE In-Progress Reflections series on Current and Critical Issues in Curriculum, Learning and Assessment, entitled ‘The conceptualisation of competencies related to sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles’, describes the role of sustainable development and the importance of learning a sustainable lifestyle in Finnish basic (primary and lower secondary) education. This is achieved through highlighting the goals, values, tasks, and the conceptualization of the competencies related to sustainability in the 2014 National Core Curriculum for basic education.

The report, written by Ms Irmeli Halinen, describes the sustainable nature of the Finnish 2014 curriculum reform process. It examines the role and the contribution of various school subjects and key aspects, such as the school culture and the learning environment, in creating a strong knowledge base, on which to build the values, attitudes, skills and the will needed for sustainable lifestyle, and in promoting sustainable ways of living. The report concludes with lessons drawn from the Finnish way of enhancing sustainability in education.

This eighth issue will only be available in English.

We invite you to discover the Finnish curriculum reform in this eighth publication and participate in the discussion forum to share your expertise.

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