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Annual e-Forum

e-Forum 2011

The Community of Practice (COP) in Curriculum Development holds an annual e-Forum on key themes of curriculum development to facilitate global conversation, interaction, knowledge production and sharing on curriculum issues. The e-Forum, through a discussion paper and a series of weekly questions, provides a unique opportunity among participants for interregional, multi-lingual and open discourse, with the support and facilitation of international experts.

The forum will stimulate reflection and discussion to advance the debate from an interregional perspective. Participants from all regions are invited to contribute in any of the 6 UN languages; contributions will be translated into English. The findings of the forums are published and disseminated in a summary report.

Addressing Socio-Cultural Diversity through the Curriculum (e-Forum 2011)

The International Bureau of Education will hold its 5th annual e-Forum from 21 November to 9 December 2011, on the theme “Addressing Socio-Cultural Diversity through the Curriculum”. A curriculum that addresses diversity meets the diverse needs of ALL learners. Socio-cultural diversity in this context includes ethnicity, race, religion, values and beliefs, nationality, cultural background, age, gender, class, physical ability, different learning conditions and styles, sexual orientation, and other dimensions that make up the identity of the individual student and affect his or her learning experience.

This e-Forum aims to facilitate for participants to become aware of and learn about different educational contexts, issues and discuss different approaches and strategies to address socio-cultural diversity through curriculum around the world.