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Key activities of the COP

Focal Points in all UNESCO regions – carrying out regional activities through the coordination of prestigious curriculum specialists and developers.

Inter-regional comparative studies – finding out commonalities and differences between education systems and curriculum processes taking place in different regions.

Approaches by competencies – providing a plural and open space for the inter-regional production and sharing of experiences of curriculum dévelopment and competency-based development.

Curriculum resource packs – disseminating the Asia-Pacific Resource Pack for Capacity Building activities in curriculum development and management as well as piloting the Worldwide Resource Pack, containing a balanced set of relevant case studies covering all UNESCO regions.

University partnerships around Education for All (EFA) goals – promoting and facilitating the production and sharing of research about critical issues in education.

Forum on Curriculum Change for Quality in Basic Education – annually carrying out an international forum among Community of Practice members aimed at facilitating policy dialogue on key issues in curriculum reform, as well as to exchange information and share good practices and lessons learned.

Community of Practice resource sharing – sharing visions, experiences, information and research among the Community of Practice members through news messages on a weekly basis.

Community of Practice interaction – providing and facilitating conditions and opportunities for realising varied types of activities such as e-forums, training programmes, access to networks in curriculum development, research partnerships, call for papers/presenters etc.