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Resource Packs for Capacity Building in Curriculum Development


The IBE encourages the creation and use of resource packs as tool boxes for curriculum designers and developers. Indeed, as every curricular process is different, there is much to learn from each experience. First-hand information, which is found in resource packs, is extremely useful for curricular design.


When a new curriculum is implemented, books, documents and syllabi are widely accessible; however, there rarely remains a sufficient record of what happened during the process: the technical and political challenges which had had to be addressed. Resource packs collect such information and allow curricular experts to learn from others’ experiences, to save time and to be aware of professional standards whilst elaborating their own curriculum.


A resource pack is not a manual which theoretically enumerates steps to be taken one by one; no unique set of steps can be applied in the same way to different contexts. Rather, it serves to concretely orient ongoing work while providing inspiration and valuable input to curriculum developers and multiple stakeholders.


Curriculum renewal processes pose significant challenges and demand renovated approaches at all levels of the education system. Positive professional relationships and effective networks across, as well as within organisations encourage information exchange and collaborative working practices.

Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack

The Resource Pack is intended to support specialists and practitioners involved in curriculum reform. The eight modules in the Resource Pack cover a wide range of factors and dimensions that should be considered to improve the quality of curriculum development processes and products.


Training Tools for Curriculum Development: A Resource Pack