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Interregional and regional perspectives on inclusive education: follow-up of the 48th session of the International Conference on Education



The contributions in this publication intend to elaborate upon this process of dialogue generated by the 48th ICE, with a view to identifying emerging consensus and debates in terms of inclusive education and curricula at the theoretical and practical levels, from interregional and regional perspectives. Benefiting from a rich diversity of fields, organizations and regions, these contributions encompass a broad range of perspectives, approaches and practices.


In particular, this publication comprises of six regional articles, preceded by two interregional perspectives of the discussions that have emerged around inclusive education and inclusive curricula in the framework of the 48th ICE follow-up activities. These initial interregional articles offer key insights into the role of inclusive curricula and inclusive assessment for democratizing learning opportunities, from an international comparative perspective.


The following articles then adopt a regional perspective on some of the key issues and challenges with respect to inclusive education. Finally, in the conclusion, the regional and thematic lessons are drawn upon in order to consider the prospective outlook.