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Secondary education curriculum in Latin America : New tendencies and changes

Final Report of the seminar organized by the International Bureau of Education and held at the International Institute for Educational Planning, 2–3 September 1999, Buenos Aires, Argentina. This event was stimulated by the need to promote worldwide discussion on the curriculum changes that are required to meet the educational needs of young people between 12 and 18 faced with the challenges of the twenty-first century. It was also the opportunity to take advantage of the experience acquired by pioneering countries in this field, which in Latin America are Argentina, Uruguay, Chili and more recently Brazil.

The idea of this seminar was based on the belief that the time is ripe to adope a different approach to curriculum changes in secondary education. The aim would now be to persuade curriculum specialists to deal with institutional issues, while the edcuationalists and officials look into ways of updating the subjects taught.

The first step consisted of bringing together a group of experts to discuss issues that were both topical and general in nature, cutting accross specializations and requiring a multidisciplinary approach. Themes the impact on Latin America of major global changes; the challenges arising from these trends from the point of view of curricula; the main characteristics of new curriculum proposals; the implications of curriculum changes for other aspects of education; and the need to increase international exchanges on the question of secondary education curricula

Organisers / Partners

IBE; IIEP-Buenos Aires

Participating countries

Specialists in languages, mathematics, technology, social and natural sciences, as well as officials form the education ministries of Argentina, Brazil, Chili and Uruguay.