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Cultural Diversity in Educational Systems: International and Comparative Perspectives (Prospects #162)

Guest Editors: Abdeljalil Akkari and Colleen Loomis

The role of education is more crucial than ever in bridging cultural differences, while maintaining the diversity of cultural expressions. Writing about cultural diversity and education presents a demanding challenge. This special issue proposes an expansion of the cultural diversity concept, which is closely linked to inclusive and citizenship education, and encompasses an international and comparative perspective. The articles bring into view some issues on cultural diversity, as they relate to curriculum, language, history teaching; interethnic relations; and much more.

The authors discuss the role of ethnicity, cultural similarities/ differences, and discrimination in schools, offer case studies of monolingual and international schools, and call for studies on the role that context plays in the acculturation process.

PROSPECTS is UNESCO-IBE's Quarterly Review of Comparative Education.