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Curriculum Development in Former USSR

In documenting context-specific challenges in ensuring the quality and relevance of school education  the International Bureau of Education has focused on the unique experiences of countries in transition. Consultative seminars have been organized jointly with the Open Society Fund in Lithuania for the Baltic States (Vilnius, December 2001), with the Centre for Educational Policy Studies (CEPS) for countries of South East Europe (Bohinj April 2002), as well as with the Network of Pedagogical Universities in the South Caucasus (Prometheus) and the International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management (IIEPM) in Tbilisi (June 2003). The sub-regional seminar organized jointly with the Belarus National Institute of Education for Russia and the former Soviet republics of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine (Minsk, June 2003) is at the heart of this exploration.



Educational transition; Trends in curriculum development

Organisers / Partners

Belarus National Institute of Education (NIE) Minsk, Belarus

Participating countries

Russia, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine