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Reflecting back, looking forward (Prospects #171)

The latest issue of Prospects inaugurates the appointment of Ms Mmantsetsa Marope as new Director of the UNESCO-IBE and Editor-in-Chief of the journal. She takes the opportunity to reflect on the progress made and to look forward to addressing the challenge of making Prospects a stronger, even more prestigious and globally visible journal, which aims at strengthening the capacity of education systems to equitably provide high quality education and effective learning opportunities. Key topics featured in this issue include education quality, equity, access to learning, teacher professionalism, community participation and youth labour market integration. The geographical coverage of the articles is notable: including Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, China, Ghana, Kenya, Nepal and West Africa. The contributors are from a vast spectrum of cultures, represent different horizons of thought and belong to different generations. Despite these differences and the diversity of topics addressed, the main themes of the articles are interwoven. A recurring line of argument is the need for an evidence-based participative process for improving equity of education quality and learning. More specifically such processes should take into account the voices of all stakeholders. The articles presented in the Open File of this issue also stress the importance of the context, whether in research, policymaking, or pedagogical practice, and draw our attention once again to important issues that deserve more careful treatment than they have received so far. They also advocate a stronger relationship between research, policy and practice; a relationship that is key to the success of any education initiative. All the authors conclude their articles by stating the key policy implications of their research and adding recommendations for policymakers. Like many past issues of Prospects, this one illustrates the bridges between the worlds of research, policymaking and practice—an important feature of the journal and one we hope to see continue.

PROSPECTS is UNESCO-IBE's Quarterly Review of Comparative Education.