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Training tools for curriculum development: reaching out to all learners: a resource pack for supporting inclusive education



Inclusive education is an over-guiding principle of the 2030 Education Agenda embodied in the SDG 4 “Ensure and equitable quality education and promote lifelong opportunities for all”. We are pleased to announce the IBE new publication: Reaching Out to All Learners: a Resource Pack for Supporting Inclusive Education.

As part of the IBE series of Training Tools for Curriculum Development, this resource pack shares a broader understanding of the theory and practice of inclusive education to review national policies and support its effective implementation at the school and classroom level.

It provides comprehensive guidance for national policy makers, curriculum specialists and developers, teachers, teacher educators, school leaders and district level administrators. 

The Resource Pack consists of three inter-connected guides:

Guide 1. Reviewing National Policies – This provides a framework for reviewing national policies in order to create a policy context in which the other two guides can be used effectively to foster more inclusive schools and classrooms.
Guide 2. Leading Inclusive School Development- This supports head teachers and other senior staff in reviewing and developing their schools in order to make all their students feel welcomed and supported in their learning.

Guide 3. Developing Inclusive classrooms – The aim of this guide is to support teachers in developing more effective ways in engaging all children in their lessons.

The resource pack is currently available in English and it is our intention to make it available in all UNESCO languages with the support of Member States and partners. It can be used to support field work, policy dialogue and capacity development.