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IBE speaks on: Neuroscience research and the implications for teaching and learning

IBE-UNESCO Brain symposium neuroscience


In 2016, the IBE-UNESCO and the IBRO announced an annually co-financed three-months senior fellowship resident at the IBE-UNESCO in Geneva. The fellowship falls under the IBE-UNESCO's knowledge brokerage role and clearing house function on learning in the 21st century. Eligible fellows are competitively selected from world class sciences of learning researchers.  The first cohort of five neuroscientists worked collaboratively with  the IBE-UNESCO on the implications of cutting edge neuroscience research for curriculum, teaching and learning. One of the key outputs of this collaboration was a symposium on  December 12, 2016 titled: “Brain Research, Teaching, and Learning in the 21st Century: Making Connections” .  Watch the neuroscience event and provide feedback to the IBE-UNESCO.

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