HIV & AIDS and Quality Education for All Youth



Geneva, Switzerland - 7th September 2004


This preparatory seminar, held on the eve of the 47th session of the International Conference on Education (ICE) brought together some 10 Ministers of Education and over 70 ministerial delegates, coming from around the world to participate in the ICE. This event was organized by the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) in collaboration with UNAIDS co-sponsors and with the support of the Interagency Task Team on HIV & AIDS Education. Its objectives were:


  • To discuss the essential issues concerning the roles and responsibilities of the education sector in the fight against HIV & AIDS.
  • To identify the priority measures required to ensure an effective response from the education sector.
  • To prepare and transmit key messages to the ICE delegates so that HIV & AIDS issues were integrated into the discussions, and ultimately, into the results of the 47th ICE.


The following themes, in line with those of the 47th ICE, were taken up for this seminar:


  • Access to education for girls, gender issues and HIV & AIDS
  • Access to education for orphans and vulnerable children and youth
  • HIV & AIDS and life skills education
  • Teachers’ roles, workplace policies and HIV & AIDS education
  • Partnerships and financing for HIV & AIDS education



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