UNESCO-IBE Statement on Learning in the Post-2015 Education and Development Agenda


This statement is intended to contribute to the current international debate about education policies, goals and targets in the Post-2015 international development agenda. It was inspired by discussions which emerged from the International Experts’ Meeting on “Key Curricular and Learning Issues in the Post-2015 Education and Development Agenda”, organized by the UNESCO International Bureau of Education (Geneva, Switzerland, 23-25 September 2013).

It comprises seven key messages:

  1. Interest in learning has a long tradition in international education policies
  2. The scope of ‘quality’ learning is narrowing
  3. Curriculum is at the heart of quality learning
  4. Teachers are an essential component of quality learning
  5. Finding a balance between standardized assessments and classroom-based formative assessments
  6. Access and quality dimensions are inseparable and intertwined
  7. Towards a flexible agenda / framework of principles.

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