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46th session (2001)

The 46th session of the International Conference on Education was held in Geneva, from 5 to 8 September 2001 on the theme Education for All for learning to live together: contents and learning strategies – problems and solutions.
More than 600 participants, including 80 ministers of education and 10 deputy ministers, from 127 Member States of UNESCO, took part in the debates, alongside the representatives of nine intergovernmental organizations, 13 non-governmental organizations and three foundations. Among the innovations marking this session of the Conference was the substantial use of audiovisual and information and communication technology. Other innovations were also introduced in the preparatory phase of the Conference (Netforum, messages of ministers of education, Internet site). For instance, more than 200 people registered on the Netforum and more than 100 messages were sent by the ministers before the Conference.

Learning to live together: have we failed? A summary of the ideas and contributions arising from the forty-sixth session of UNESCO's International Conference on Education, Geneva, 5-8 September 2001. Publ: 2003; 120 p., illus.
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International Conference on Education, 46th session, Geneva, 5-8 September 2001: final report. Publ: 2002; 137 p.; ED/MD/102
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