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Assessment of the teacher training on school health, nutrition and HIV & AIDS in Guyana



The Ministry of Education from Guyana has conducted an analysis of the pre- and in- service teacher training focusing on school health, nutrition and HIV & AIDS, in order to identify the main gaps and to give recommendations to improve the actual situation. This has been done based on international experience, on the analysis of previous reports, on the analysis of curriculum materials and on interviews of key people. IBE HIV and AIDS Education Program has been selected by the Ministry of Education of Guyana to conduct the consultancy. The following report has been prepared to :
  • evaluate the effectiveness and impact of Guyana’s current response to HIV & AIDS in the field of teacher education and its plans for the immediate future;
  • highlight strengths and critical gaps considering the response of all the teacher training sub-sectors, the specific context of Guyana, the difficulties frequently encountered and the success or failure of previous initiatives;
  • consider the feasibility of implementing a comprehensive initiative in the field of teacher education, encompassing both pre-service and in-service levels;
  • provide evidence-based guidance to education sector policymakers and those responsible for its implementation in the field of teacher education, including regional and international best practices; and
  • develop a series of recommendations for improving curriculum on HIV & AIDS, school health and nutrition and to be included in the policy development and strategic planning process.
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