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Building Capacity on Early Childhood Care Education / Development in Sub-Saharan Africa



Balaclava, Mauritius, 22-25 March 2010 Within the framework of the UNESCO Basic Education in Africa Programme (BEAP) and the Plan of Action of the ADEA Working Group on Early Childhood Development, this Launching Workshop looks to laying the foundation of human development and life chances through Early childhood care, Education and Development (ECCE/D). The workshop objectives include:
  • Sharing international experiences, information on new trends in inclusive education and multi-sectoral approaches towards ECCE/D focusing on responding to the learning and development needs of all children by taking stock of achievements, good practices and identify challenges in implementing policies and programmes;  
  • Advocating for political will and soliciting the commitment of education and socio-human development stakeholders in the expansion and democratisation of ECCE/D aiming at equalising life chances and promoting social inclusion; and
  • Reviewing the status of provision of ECCE/D in Mauritius and in the region (Indian Ocean and Sub-Sahara Africa), with specific reference to inclusive education and multi-sectoral policies.
This Workshop is organized by the Mauritian Ministry of Education, UNDP, UNESCO and ADEA, with the partnership of the Regional Multidisciplinary Centre of Excellence. The IBE will contribute by addressing the curriculum component, as well as its linkage to ECCE/D and social inclusion. More information: