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The Challenges of Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education


Caracas, Venezuela - 20 to 22 June 2006 The seminar objectives are to: discuss the challenges for Inclusive Education, share experiences, establish an agenda of educational changes and form a regional working group for the Community of Practice of Curriculum Development.    Within the deliberations of the 54 session of the Council of the International Bureau of Education that took place in Geneva between the 25 and the 27 of January 2006, the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela proposed the carry out of two International Seminars about Inclusive Education which was unanimously approved by the Council. The first international seminar takes place in Caracas, Venezuela (20-22 June 2006), entitled “First Regional Seminar. An agenda of changes for facing the challenges of Inclusive Education in Latin America and the Caribbean” jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and UNESCO offices IBE and OREALC. The seminar objectives are to:

  1. generate a regional setting for discussing the challenges around Inclusive Education and its implications for attaining more equitable societies;
  2. share the visions, experiences and practices about Inclusive Education that different countries are implementing;
  3. suggest, discuss and agree upon an agenda of educational changes aimed at strengthening the issues of Inclusive Education within the framework of Education For All (EFA) goals, and
  4. contribute to the formation of a regional working group that within the Community of Practice in Curriculum Development carry out and follow-up the agenda agreed upon as well as search, obtain and mobilize resources for advancing in it through the implementation of projects and activities.

High-level decision-makers and experts from Ministries of Education of Latin American and Caribbean countries as well from international organizations are attending the seminar. It will address, among others issues, the role of Education within a renovated concept of social state and social policy, the outline of critical components around the formation of an agenda on Inclusive Education and teachers’ role in attaining a high-quality education more equally distributed. Related documents: