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Commonwealth of Independent States, third workshop on Curriculum Development

Minsk, Belarus - 29 to 31 October 2007 The Third Workshop of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Community of Practice in Curriculum Development entitled “Inclusive Education: The Way of the Future” will be held in Minsk. It is a preparatory activity of the 48th session of the International Conference on Education (ICE). The workshop will discuss a series of questions around inclusive education within a group of policy makers, educators and curriculum specialists from CIS countries as well as representatives from UNESCO Offices, Latvia and Finland. Participants will develop, present and discuss country reports on inclusive education, as well as identify good practices, and shared visions and challenges. They will clarify, prioritize and provide regional inputs to the formation of a regional roadmap on inclusive education. The event is jointly organized by the National Institute of Education of Belarus Ministry of Education, the UNESCO Office in Moscow, the CIS Council on Cooperation in Education (Minsk) and the International Bureau of Education.

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