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Current and Future Challenges in Curriculum Development: Case Studies and Networking for Change



Sinaia, Romania - 18-19 November 2005 Mrs Dakmara Georgescu, IBE programme coordinator (curriculum development/ technical assistance to member states) attended an International Colloquium focused on current and future challenges to curriculum worldwide. The Colloquium was organized by the Centre Education 2000+ in collaboration with the East-East Programme of OSI, UNICEF Romania and the IBE. The first day was devoted to analysing current and future challenges facing curriculum development internationally. Mrs. Georgescu talked about foreseeable ‘trends’ in international curriculum development (see Paper and PPT presentation). Discussions particularly emphasised the different reform cycles, and issues of implementation and sustainability. Several case studies were discussed during plenary sessions and group activities (i.e. Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine).
  The second day focused on several conceptual aspects related to international curriculum development (such as constructivist approaches, gender issues, internationalization and globalization of the curriculum) and on lessons learned from international comparison. The Colloquium ended with Mrs Georgescu presenting, together with Mr Alexandru Crisan, the new IBE initiative regarding the establishment of a global Community of Practice (COP) to support curriculum change and improvement based on international networking and sharing. The launching seminar in Geneva (July 2005) was evoked and the participants were asked to identify specific needs different countries have in terms of access to information, capacity building, and international exchanges and sharing. For more details: