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Curriculum Design and Development in the Dominican Republic



The Dominican educational system, by mandate of the National Council of Education, has initiated a process to revise the curriculum for all educational levels and subsystems. The Minister of Education of the Dominican Republic (MINERD), supported by the Foundation EDUCA, requested the experience, technical capacity and commitment of the IBE to support this process of curriculum design and development within an international comparative perspective. For this initiative, the IBE will provide technical assistance to the curriculum department of the Ministry, mainly focused on curriculum development processes in primary and secondary education. The first stage of this cooperation includes an IBE keynote speech at the 9th Congress of the Latin American Institute of Educational leadership (ILALE) 2012, addressing the topic “Curriculum and Training for Competitiveness”, from 21 - 22 June 2012. Ministers of education, principals, vice principals, deans, department directors, directors of educational centers, teachers, students, and specialists who exercise leadership in the national educational system will participate. During the second stage from 25 - 27 June 2012, the IBE will provide technical assistance through three work sessions, advising staff of the General Division of Curriculum on the process of curriculum revision. This stage will also include meetings with diverse actors of the local educational community to coordinate future actions, such as collaboration with the Schools of Directors of the ministry, and participation of ministry staff in the Diploma in Curriculum Design and Development which will begin this August in Montevideo, Uruguay. For more information: