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Curriculum Innovation and Teacher Capacity Building in West African Countries

Abuja, Nigeria, 11-13 December 2012 Countries in the West African sub-region share various educational challenges such as poverty, gaps between curriculum and societal needs and expectations, lack of functional skills in school graduates, especially in the areas of trade and entrepreneurship, and poor performance in public examinations. To tackle these issues, the Nigerian government is hosting a regional workshop with IBE on curriculum innovation and teacher capacity building for West African countries. The three-day workshop is organized within the framework of regional cooperation and exchange among the countries. It is targeted at key stakeholders with expertise in the following areas: educational policy making; curriculum development; teachers’ development and student assessment. The activities will foster collaboration and allow participants to share experiences in curriculum innovation and improving teachers’ skills and competences, as well as propose strategies and other interventions to advance educational goals in the region. Expected outcomes include improved capacities of curriculum developers and teachers; discussion for a common framework; sharing of resources; enhanced networks; and workplans for further action. IBE will provide training and expertise on curriculum debates and trends from an interregional perspective, inclusive education, teacher capacity building for curriculum delivery, and policy dialogue and formulation for curriculum development and reform. Related website: