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Distance learning phase of the Diploma 2011-2012 to begin



The second Diploma in Curriculum Design and Development (2011-2012) successfully concluded its two-week intensive session on August 26, 2011 in Uruguay. This face-to-face session has been a highly relevant learning experience in implementing a comprehensive capacity development approach to curriculum ideas, issues, trends, strategies and practices, from a comparative inter-regional perspective. Twenty-four participants from Latin America and UNESCO San Jose and Mexico are taking part in the programme, including educational planners, supervisors, school principals, teachers at various levels, university professors and international staff. This year’s cohort was able to benefit from the experiences of previous participants, who shared their training, presented examples of school-based curricula, and helped in organizing the field visits to public schools. Over 90% of participants evaluated the face-to-face session in positive terms with regard to the global assessment (71% as very good and 24% as good), the content, the facilitation and the venue. Likewise, the first measurement of impact upon the capacity development process of the participants is also highly positive. Participants pointed out that the face-to-face session of the Diploma generated positive cognitive conflicts in them, stimulating their reflection and understanding of current curriculum issues and challenges, and an in-depth revision of their own professional practices. 

The online phase of the Diploma will begin in early September, and will be organized around ten modules, which are to be completed within a timeframe of thirty weeks. A three-week period is allocated to each module and all participants will be supported by tutors. During the first two weeks of each period, participants will work from a distance through forums, article reviews and homework, and the third week will allow them to prepare their portfolios of the module. Page:


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