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Educational and Curriculum reform in Latin America



Inés Aguerrondo, author of the study "Rethinking intentions, formats and contents of the reform processes of education and curriculum in Latin America", says that "the classic format that modernity enhances, its classrooms, schools and school systems, has lost sense against global changes ".

Aguerrondo’s study is one of the key chapters of the book La Naturaleza del Aprendizaje, which states that, today, education does not contribute to building a more just and inclusive society and is, in fact, one of the main mechanisms reproducing the existing injustice.

In addition to the work of Inés Aguerrondo, La Naturaleza del Aprendizaje also presents the collaborative work of authors on topics such as the role of motivation and emotion in learning, an analysis of learning environments, learning from a biological perspective and the use of technology, and group learning methods, among others. This publication provides a full picture of the factors that serve the design learning processes to place learners at the centre of their learning experience and prepare them to face global changes.
This paper presents the challenges facing equitable and quality learning, and identifies best practices as well as methodologies to include students, teachers and parents in learning processes that are applicable to real life.

La Naturaleza del Aprendizaje is the Spanish version of the document, The Nature of Learning: Using Research to Inspire Practice, originally published by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2010. The development of this Spanish version was made possible thanks to the coordination of Massimo Amadio and Renato Opertti, UNESCO International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE), in consultation with David Istance, OECD, and Francisco Benavides from UNICEF-Latin America and Caribbean Regional Office (UNICEF-LACRO).

The study of Inés Aguerrondo, as part of the book La Naturaleza del Aprendizaje, will be launched officially on Tuesday, 5th of September, at the Catholic University of Uruguay during the face-to-face session of the IBE Graduate Diploma in Curriculum Design and Development. The publication is available and free of access online; on special request, it is possible to acquire a printed copy.