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Enhancing skills of Provincial Departments of Education in Pakistan



Islamabad, Pakistan, 15-19 October 2012 Recently the responsibility of reviewing and approving draft textbooks has been transferred from the federal government to the provincial departments of education by an amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. Educationists working in provincial bureaus of curriculum and textbook boards therefore must enhance their skills, techniques, and approaches regarding curriculum and preparing quality textbooks. As part of the Joint UN Programme on Education, UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE) will join UNESCO Islamabad to provide technical assistance by supporting a series of capacity development interventions. The first of these training workshops will focus on approaches and skills relating to curriculum and textbooks. The programme and training content will expose educationists to international trends and issues in curriculum change and development, textbook development and production, and approaches to modern teaching and learning methods. It is expected that participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills for selecting and structuring the content of curricula and textbooks to achieve a more integrated learning.