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The EWF: Education Fast Forward debate "Preparing Students to Succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution"



The Education World Forum (EWF), the world’s largest gathering of education and skills ministers (22 - 25 January in London), set off  its 2017 session with 500 participants from 87 countries including 83 ministers registered.
It opened with the much anticipated Education Fast Forward (EFF) debate "Preparing Students to Succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution" on 23 January chaired by Gavin Dykes, the co-founder of EFF and summed up by Mmantsetsa Marope, the director of IBE-UNESCO. The debate kicked off by noting that "the fourth industrial revolution points to the remarkable advances in information technologies, artificial biological sciences, reproductive technologies, neuroscience and synthetic biology.  In the first industrial revolution, new skills were required to operate machinery.  In the second industrial revolution, jobs became more specialized and repetitive, while skills in managing work gained in value.  In the digital revolution, repetitive cognitive jobs became increasingly redundant and non-routine cognitive, interactive roles increased in value. The fourth industrial revolution heralds a time when collaborative problem solving, creative skills and the ability to combine them across existing and new disciplines are likely to form the future foundation for success". Follow the debate and see what questions are asked using #EFF18.

Ms. Marope also spoke in the first keynote session of the EWF "Policy Making for Teaching". She delivered her keynote speech "Key Challenges in Education and Teaching Today: The IBE-UNESCO's Response" on January 23 in the afternoon.

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