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Future competencies: second and final consultation with global thought leaders



From 15-16 May, 2017, the IBE-UNESCO Director convened the second consultation meeting of global thought leaders at Marbach Castle, Öhningen in Germany, This followed the consultation that was held from 13-15 March in Evian: France. The outputs are meant to contribute to answering: What ought education and learning systems be doing to prepare their learners for the fourth industrial revolution?

The second consultation was attended  by experts, and representatives of key organizations and networks deeply engaged with the topic, such as: the OECD, the New York Academy of Sciences, Education World Forum, and Global Cities Network: Asia Society; universities and institutes like the University of Melbourne and the Institute of Higher Economics in Moscow; diverse country experiences including Argentina, Australia, China, Finland, Chile, Seychelles, South Africa and Saudi Arabia; and eminent personalities in education such as Emeritus Professor Barry McGaw and Emeritus Professor Patrick Griffin and Mr. Anthony MacKay,

Over two days for each meeting, they discussed and refined a compendium of three interconnected normative reference documents, namely: Rethinking and Repositioning Curriculum in the 21st Century: a Proposed Paradigm Shift
Competencies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: A Global Reference for Curricula Transformation; Teaching, Learning and Assessing Competency-Based Curriculum
And Enabling Effective Implementation of Competency-Based Curricula

This is part of a global consultative process to pool top-level expertise toward consistent and credible technical advice on transforming future curricula to reflect competences for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

This set of documents will be further refined through a broad international consultation through the IBE’s Global Curriculum Network (GCN), as well as regional consultations/e-forums led by the IBE, in collaboration with prominent curriculum and assessment specialists during June 2017.