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Governing body backs IBE’s 2018 global leadership plans



The IBE’s governing body has strongly praised the Institute’s performance this year, with Member States describing it as “impressive” and “remarkable”. 
The IBE Council’s 67th Session also enthusiastically endorsed IBE’s 2018 plans for its continued global leadership of innovations in curriculum reform, early childhood development, STEM, inclusive education and applying the insights of neuroscience to teaching and learning.
The IBE Council, comprising 10 elected representatives from Member States, held a wide-ranging, focussed discussion on how best to secure the IBE’s long-term future and strengthen its vital capacity as a global centre of excellence in curriculum and related matters.

Ambitious 2018 programme
The two-day meeting in Geneva approved the IBE’s draft programme and budget for the forthcoming year.
The 2018 programme includes creation of a Global Curriculum Observatory to highlight latest innovations in the field. IBE will continue its work as a global reference point on future competences and the future of curriculum. The 2018 plan envisages production of reference points for developing country-wide strategies on integrated, holistic ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education). IBE will also take forward its initiative to bring the latest research from neuroscience into learning policy and practice. The Institute will continue to champion best practice to ensure equity and inclusion in and through education.

New IBE President
The Council agreed that the Presidency of the Council should pass from the Sultanate of Oman to the Republic of Kazakhstan and it thanked the Sultanate of Oman for its contributions to the Presidency. The meeting also elected five Vice-Presidents from Bolivia, Kuwait, Romania, South Africa and Switzerland.

Support for transforming opportunities to learn
The IBE Secretariat was very pleased with the rigour of the discussions about its technical report and with respect to the strategic elements of the Council’s deliberations. The IBE Director, Dr Mmantsetsa Marope, thanked the Council for its support and said: “I look forward very much to working with our new President and with our Vice-Presidents on the IBE’s ambitious programme to transform the learning opportunities of people across the world.”