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IBE background paper for the GEMR 2019 “Migration concepts and themes in education documents”



The way in which educational materials address historic and current migration and displacement issues plays a crucial role in the experiences of migrants and refugees as well as those of the host communities. Educational materials are crucial in shaping the perceptions of society, and are also valuable resources that reflect the leading popular attitudes and governmental policies. The purpose of this study is to review education plans, curricula, syllabi, teachers’ guides and textbooks from twelve countries encompassing all UNESCO regions that have experienced significant migration and displacement movements in order to inquire into the manner in which migration concepts are portrayed in these materials. A historical perspective has been added through a comparison of materials from different periods to highlight how education systems adjust and respond to changes in migration over time. Our analysis has elicited a comprehensive listing of the most common migration-related concepts and themes that occur in educational materials, allowing us to observe patterns that indicate the variation in the conceptualization of various aspects related to migration between countries and over time. You can access the full background paper here.
Senior Programme Specialist