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IBE supports Uganda to envision lower secondary education curriculum change



Kampala, Uganda, 4-6 May 2011 At the request of the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), IBE will provide capacity development support for enhancing curriculum in Uganda.  Uganda is envisioning a curriculum reform that can bring out more self-reliant and self-sufficient lower secondary graduates, by mobilizing all stakeholders. In this context, the Ugandan National Curriculum Development Centre solicits the expertise of the IBE to support the lower secondary curriculum reform process. The IBE will share its knowledge and experience with the NCDC staff on the following themes: approaches to curriculum development and change, subject integration in lower secondary education, vocational subjects in secondary schools, special needs education, continuous assessment and teacher education. This activity is part of the IBE’s active contributions to the UNESCO’s Basic Education in Africa Programme (BEAP), which promotes, among other things, more coherent, equitable and inclusive basic education of a minimum duration of 9 to 10 years; the delivery of higher quality and relevant education to meet the needs of the African societies; and the adoption of a holistic and systemic approach to changing educational systems. This activity is also in line with the national priorities for action that Ugandan representatives have identified through their involvement in the development process of BEAP since 2007. As a statutory body under the Ministry of Education, the NCDC plays an active role in the initiation, development and evaluation of existing and new curricula materials for pre-primary, primary, secondary and post secondary education, as well as in teacher education. IBE’s support for the BEAP include technical assistance in reviewing curriculum, provision of learning tools for curriculum design and development, institutional capacity development support and in particular the project of setting up a Post-graduate Diploma in Curriculum Design and Development in Africa. Documents:

  • Basic Education in Africa Programme: Information Paper ENG (PDF, 90 KB)
  • Basic Education in Africa Programme: Policy Paper ENG FRE (PDF, 600 KB)