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International Forum "Poverty alleviation and Living Together in Peace: What Sort of School is Need in Africa Today and Tomorrow?"

Madrid, 10 - 11 January 2008 The goal of this international forum is to share and debate the progress and results obtained so far in the context of the project "Curricular innovation, poverty alleviation and peace education for Sub-Saharan Africa". The discussion will look at how to achieve quality, equity and quantity. The seminar is organized by the International Bureau of Education- UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kingdom of Spain and the University of Complutense of Spain.
   Annexes of the Report
Annex 1 Agenda (in French, PDF 29 KB)
Annex 2 Participants (in French, PDF 28 KB)
Annex 3.1 Angola: Formation des enseigants en zones rurales (in French, PDF 819 KB)
Annex 3.2 Burkina Faso: Education bilingue (in French, PDF 92 KB)
Annex 3.3 Niger: Ecoles rurales alternatives (ERA) et Communauté de gestion des établissements scolaires (COGES) (in French, PDF 24 KB)
Annex 3.4 Mali: Le curriculum malien (in French, PDF 24 KB)
Annex 3.5 Maurice: Ecoles ZEP (in French, PDF 88 KB)
Annex 3.6 Mozambique: Curriculum local (CL) (in French, PDF 109 KB)
Annex 3.7 Rwanda: Réintégration des enfants non-scolarisés (in French, PDF 43 KB)
Annex 4 Experts presentations (in French, PDF 44 KB)
Annex 5 Discours d'ouverture (in French, PDF 49 KB)