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Managing Curriculum Change: Seminar-Workshop

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Quezon City, Philippines - 7 to 10 June 2006
The need to revise and update existing educational curricula to respond to profound, multifaceted changes occurring in the world is widely recognized. UNESCO's International Bureau of Education (IBE) and the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education in Bangkok have pioneered the development of a framework and guide for managing curriculum changes in enhancing educational quality and relevance. Their work is contained in a Resource Pack for "Leading and Facilitating Curriculum Change".
  This four-day seminar-workshop aims to gather the key sectors and players/actors of selected countries in the Asian region and in the Philippines Basic Education System to:

  1. Look at and discuss the merits of the Resource Pack “Leading and Facilitating Curriculum Change” for application in the Philippine setting and beyond;
  2. Promote the adoption/adaptation of appropriate curriculum change ideas and modules in the Resource Pack;
  3. Build local capacity for curriculum change and renewal; and
  4. Form a multi-sectoral and multi-level network or community of practice to mobilize popular support for and facilitate the implementation of proposed curriculum changes.

The seminar workshop will have among its participants: curriculum experts, teachers, school managers, members of local school boards and local government officials, parents, other teacher-training institutes, education specialists, officials and policy makers from the National & Regional offices of the Department of Education and other relevant institutes. Social scientists and representatives from media are also welcome to participate.