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Mauritius curriculum development



Mauritius - 13 to 24 February 2006 What should education specialists know about competencies-based approaches in modern curriculum development? How can the curriculum be improved in order to foster competencies in learners? At the request of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources of Mauritius, the IBE carried out a two-week workshop for Mauritian curriculum specialists and decision makers. The workshop aimed at exploring pre-conditions for developing quality competencies-based curricula in primary education.
It focused on knowledge and skills curriculum developers and education planners would need to conceive, design, write and implement an improved curriculum (including textbooks).  The general workshop report and the detailed report (incorporating the participants’ contributions) document the workshop activities and outcomes. The workshop can be seen as a possible model of how to translate curriculum theory into practice in order to help curriculum specialists and decision makers to deal with a comprehensive process of curriculum change and improvement. In their evaluations  Mauritian specialists have expressed their satisfaction with reference to workshop strategies and results (first week evaluation, final workshop evaluation). According to their views, the workshop created a momentum for the curriculum process in Mauritius. This ought to be followed up by concrete action such as the development of a Curriculum Framework, and of new models of syllabuses and textbooks for primary education.