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New partnership to build resilient and sustainable ECCE Systems in Cameroon, Egypt, India and Swaziland funded by Dubai Cares



We are pleased to announce our new partnership to foster early childhood care and education (ECCE) in Cameroon, Egypt, India (a state within) and Swaziland, funded by Dubai Cares.

Early childhood is defined as the period from birth to eight years old. A time of remarkable brain growth, these years lay the basis for subsequent development. Early Childhood Care and Education is more than a preparatory stage assisting the child’s transition to formal schooling. It consists in a holistic approach including health, nutrition, education and social care and places emphasis on developing the whole child in order to build strong foundations for the future.
In 2010, the first ever World Congress on ECCE held in Moscow reaffirmed the right of all children to ECCE, and underscored it as the basis for “building the wealth of nations”. More recently, in Incheon the 2015 World Education Forum recognized ECCE as one of the inescapable enablers for realizing “equity of education quality and lifelong learning for all”. It is considered to be a foundation for all aspects of human development and in this regard is key to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ECCE aims to have a positive impact on gender equality and empowerment, better health and education outcomes, improved skills, abilities and productivity, narrowing of the income, ethnic and geographic inequality gaps, providing timely intervention for persons with disabilities.
The overall objective of this two-year IBE-UNESCO/Dubai Cares partnership is to build the capacity of Member States to develop, implement and sustain resilient, enduring ECCE systems to give children a fair start in life by providing them the opportunity of holistic development. Technical support will be provided to the four countries for them to implement quality holistic ECCE such as national policy, strategic, regulatory, institutional, financing, programmatic, monitoring and evaluation frameworks.