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Pilot Project



The workshop “Competency-based Curricular Design” took place at the Faculty of Education of the University Diego Portales in Santiago, Chile, on July 24 and 25, 2008. It was carried out within the framework of the pilot test of the Worldwide Resource Pack for capacity building in curriculum change, which is intended to support curriculum design and development. Among those present at the workshop were directors of education of the University Diego Portales and ministerial representatives from the Unit of Curriculum and Evaluation (UCE-MINEDUC), the Assessment Programme of Quality in education (SIMCE-MINEDUC) and the Program of Improvement of the Quality and Equity of Higher Education (MECESUP-MINEDUC) of the Ministry of Education of Chile (MINEDUC). The workshop explored international trends in curriculum, strategies of education and evaluation to develop knowledge contents and the know how, the formulation of policies of curricular change and contexts for curricular change. It also examined critical issues, dialogue with stakeholders, and the consequences of the competency-based curriculum on practices of education and the evaluation of the implementation concerning basic, secondary and higher education. This workshop was jointly organized by the University Diego Portales of Chile and the Community of Practice in Curricular Development of the South Cone of the International Bureau of Education (IBE-UNESCO). The coordination was taken up by the curricular expert Mr. Hugo Labate, with the assistance of the sociologist Mr. Juan Pablo Claro.