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Safeguarding students and teachers as schools re-open



As schools re-open around the world, necessary social distancing measures are being put in place by schools in different ways.  These include:
  • Classes being split in two, with a teacher for every 10 or 11 students, or some students having shorter school days in order to allow resources to be shared;
  • Customised transport to and from schools;
  • Strict precautionary measures when they arrive at school, for example students passing through thermal imaging cameras or have their temperature checked on their way in designated routes to classrooms;
  • Teachers and students wearing masks or PPE;
  • Adequate soap, disinfectant and regular hand washing throughout the day, at least every two hours;
  • Spraying disinfectant in school compounds;
  • All windows and air vents in classrooms being opened up;
  • Implementing the two-metre distancing rule as rigorously as possible;
  • Desks are being placed six feet apart;
  • Dividers being placed between desks to separate students;
  • Some lessons are now held in more spacious gyms;
  • Supervised, socially distanced lunch breaks;
  • Canteens being set up like exam rooms;
  • Children being sent outside as much as possible;
  • Children being asked to play in subgroups;
  • Sports activities and physical education classes being suspended;
  • Schools which have two or more confirmed positive cases of coronavirus must cancel all classes as a precautionary measure.