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The Seychelles-hosted first International Biennial Conference on ECCE reverberates



Our Director, Dr. M. Marope, has been convening the national biennium with the Right Honorable Vice-President of the Republic of Seychelles since 2011, following on from the World Conference on Early Childhood and Education (September 2010) and the resulting Moscow Framework for Action and Cooperation.  In 2015, and after impressive progress by the country, she challenged the Seychelles to extend the culture of biennial reviews to IBE-UNESCO's General Education Quality Assessment Framework (GEQAF) partner countries and the first international biennium was born. Read  'UNESCO-IBE director thanks president for leading role in ECCE transformation'.

A month after the first international biennial conference, that saw 18 countries in attendance, the Seychelles media is still talking about ECCE and the country continues to chime in. The first article in a series that we publish here is 'The Brain, Learning and the Early Years,' by Professor Howard-Jones, Neuroscience and Education, Bristol University, who spoke at the conference. He worked with IBE-UNESCO from September to December 2016 at our headquarters in Geneva, as part of a neuroscience fellowship and IBRO partnership to investigate 'How the Brain Learns'. Please also watch the video of the conference.

Check back on our website as we continue to publish a series of articles related to ECCE in the Seychelles from IBE-UNESCO's senior staff, fellows and partners.

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