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Strengthening capacities on inclusive education policies and practices in Guatemala

Guatemala City, Guatemala, 11 – 12 July 2011: This workshop aims to strengthen and build capacities on the theory and practice of inclusive education and addresses issues related to the conceptualization of inclusive education and the design and development of policies, as well as the education systems, curricula and inclusive practices. The opening ceremony will be preceded by the Vice Minister of Education, Mr. Miguel Angel Franco, and the 50 participants include experts from national ministry teams, professors, teachers, educators and researchers.

The workshop will be held at the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and is co-organized by the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), the General Division of Special Education (DIGEESP) of the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and UNESCO-IBE. After the two-day workshop and on behalf of UNESCO-IBE, Mr. Renato Opertti, coordinator of the Capacity Building team, will participate as keynote speaker on a seminar on good practices in inclusive education in Guatemala. This seminar is organized by the General Division of Special Education (DIGEESP) and the opening ceremony of this important event will be preceded by the Minister of Education, Mr. Dennis Alonzo Mazariegos.

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