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Summer Course in International and Comparative Education, organized by the University of Geneva, in partnership with the International Bureau of Education



Geneva, 12-16 September 2011 The Psychology and Education Faculty of the University of Geneva (FPSE-UNIGE), in partnership with the International Bureau of Education (IBE), the Swiss Society for Research in Education (SSRE), the Research in Education Service (SRED) of the Department of Public Instruction, Canton of Geneva, "Aide et Action" and "Enfants du Monde", is organizing a residential course in International and Comparative Education (ICE). This summer course will take place between the 12th and 16th of September 2011 at the University of Geneva and the IBE. It is open to education specialists working in  international and inter-governmental organizations; Ministries of Education and governmental aid and cooperation agencies employees; professionals and experts involved in educational cooperation projects; NGO employees active in developing countries; and education researchers. It aims to complement the participants’ competencies by updating their professional knowledge in education at an international and national level. It offers the possibility to renew competencies and knowledge necessary to understand global trends and analyse the diverse approaches in educational policies and practices. Essential tools, allowing analysis and evaluation of policies and initiatives in a large variety of social and educational settings, will be provided throughout the course. The residential course in International and Comparative Education will provide resources and analytical tools, as well as case studies. Researchers and specialists from Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland will debate with participants on the latest research and will share theoretical knowledge for practical use in the field. The residential course contains five modules:
- International and Comparative Education: Concepts and Theories
- International Cooperation in Education: Grappling with New Paradigms
- Teachers Training and curriculum reform: Global trends - Applied Research Methods in Comparative Education
- International Cooperation in Education: Project Management and Leadership in the Field Within the framework of global trends in relation to teacher training and curricular reforms, the IBE director, Clementina Acedo’s course will be based on the experience of the IBE in curricular reforms in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Websites:
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