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Teachers training is at the heart of the Global Citizenship Education implementation in Colombia



IBE-UNESCO collaborates with the Colombian government to fully embed global citizenship education within teacher training institutions.

Over the years, the Colombian National Ministry of Education (NME) has promoted through educational strategies a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and fair society, especially given the historical moment the country is living with the implementation of the Peace Agreements

Following UNESCO’s vision on Global Citizenship Education (GCED), the NME has taken the initiative to develop a set of “Guidelines for Training Teachers for Citizenship” with the view to orienting teachers and teacher training institutions in the promotion of GCED. The purposes of the two-day meeting in Bogotá are to:

- Share the perspectives of the National Ministry of Education (NME) and the IBE on curriculum and inclusive education
- Support the socialization process of the document "Guidelines for Training Teachers for Citizenship” (NME – APCEIU – UNESCO) engaging teacher training and citizenship education experts;
- Provide robust feedback on the construction and validation process of the "Guidelines for Teacher Training Teachers for Citizenship" (NME - APCEIU - UNESCO). 

What is GCED?

Global citizenship education (GCED) involves students' active participation in projects that address global issues of a social, political, economic, or environmental nature.

UNESCO has promoted GCED since the launch in 2012 of the UN Secretary-General's Global Education First Initiative (GEFI). This made fostering global citizenship one of UNESCO’s three education priorities. IBE has developed conceptual frameworks and supported the development of GCED curriculum, teaching and learning materials in the four pioneering countries. We are working in partnership with countries (Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda) along with UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU). The project launched in 2016 analyzed each country’s education system and developing curriculum, teaching and learning materials to fit their particular situation. All the materials were piloted in 2017 and, in 2018, the overall project achievements will be evaluated.

"GCED is essential for Education 2030 Agenda"

Renato Opertti, IBE Senior Programme Specialist, lead our team in Colombia. He pointed out: “This is a wonderful opportunity for Colombia to further pursue policies and programmes on citizenship education in light of recreating the foundations for a more tolerant, peaceful, cohesive and inclusive society. In particular, the priority given by the National Ministry of Education (NME) to train and support teachers paves the way for a better understanding and implementation of GCED at the school and classroom levels”.

IBE-UNESCO and UNESCO-APCEIU staff members, as well as education specialists and representatives National Ministry of Education, will attend the meeting.