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Workshop on "GigaPan Dialogues: Diversity and Inclusion within the Community"



Bamako, Mali, 12-13 October 2011

From October 12 to 13, a workshop will take place in Bamako, as part of the project "Dialogues GigaPan: Diversity and Inclusion within the Community" organized jointly by the International Bureau of Education (UNESCO-IBE) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU).

The project contributes to the empowerment of teachers and students to use new technologies (tools and processes) through photos taken with the GigaPancamera and shared on a common platform. It offers the opportunity to experience stimulating, participatory and productive learning, and aims to reduce the digital divide and bridge the distances between continents by promoting understanding and exchange between cultures.

This workshop has the objectives to develop an educational project among schools that are joining it (Niono, Bamako, Grandson, Pittsburgh) and the technical and pedagogical training of students and teachers through Information Techology and the use of the GigaPan camera to initiate an exchange among the schools.

The Agency for Information Technology and Communication (AGETIC) of Bamako supports the initiatives in the field of ICT and participates in the implementation of its universal access. The AGETIC will bring together the different participants, teachers and students who will meet for two days to take part in the activities and participate in the technical training and teaching.

GigaPan Dialogues