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Workshop on UNESCO’s Capacity for Intervention in the Post-Conflict Reconstruction Process in Sudan



Khartoum, 13-15 March 2006

Mrs. Dakmara Georgescu, IBE programme coordinator, was invited to participate in the UNESCO National workshop concerning the education reconstruction process in Sudan. The workshop aimed to bring to the fore UNESCO’s capacity of intervention in post-conflict situations with a view to identify possibilities for efficient cooperation between UNESCO and the Sudanese education authorities and stakeholders.  Mrs. Georgescu shared with the participants some of the IBE’s experience in working for education reconstruction in post-conflict contexts. She also presented a discussion summary on curriculum, development and teacher training (presentation). Based on its consistent record in post-conflict and conflict-affected societies, and in cooperation with other agencies that are active in the field, the IBE could contribute in the future effectively to curriculum renewal processes in Sudan. A paper summarising the main areas of the IBE’s possible contribution to the education reconstruction in Sudan was sent after the workshop to the newly established UNESCO Office Sudan.