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 UNESCO-IBE, Publications Unit

 P.O. Box 199

 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

 Mail: ibe.publication(at)

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The IBE makes available a range of publications and thematic series in the field of education. Apart a few exceptions, these publications can be consulted online and downloaded in electronic format free of charge. Please consult the selected series below or search all IBE documents and publications through IBEDOCS.

A hard copy of non commercial publications can be ordered (if available) free of charge from:

UNESCO-IBE, Publications Unit, P.O. Box 199, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland

Mail: ibe.publication(at)


Educational Practices

These booklets describe universally applicable principles in specific aspects of education...More

IBE Education Thesaurus

Go to IBE Education Thesaurus

A tool for indexing and retrieving data about educational documentation...More

ICE Publications

Go to ICE Publications

Special publications related to the sessions of the International Conference on Education...More


Go to Multimedia

Multimedia materials including CD-ROMs and DVDs   ...More

Reports of regional workshops and seminars

Go to Reports of regional workshops and seminars

Proceedings of various workshops and seminars centered on curriculum development...More

Teachers and Multiculturalism

Go to Teachers and Multiculturalisme

A series of studies produced within the framework of an IBE research project...More

Thinkers on Education

Go to Thinkers on Education

Profiles of famous educators originally made available through PROSPECTS...More

HIV & AIDS Publications

Go to HIV and Aids Publications

A series of materials, studies and reports on HIV and AIDS made available since 2002...More

IBE Working Papers on Curriculum Issues

Go to IBE Working Papers on Curriculum Issues

These Papers are intended to share interim results of ongoing research...More

Institutional Documents

Go to Institutional Documents

A collection of documents and texts related to the institutional functioning of the IBE...More


The UNESCO’s quarterly review of comparative education...More

Studies in Comparative Education

Go to Studies in Comparative Education

Studies in Comparative Education is a long-standing series which focuses on educational issues and trends within a comparative perspective...More

Thematic Studies

Go to Thematic Studies

Studies and reports on a variety of educational themes and issues...More